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Worm Wrangler Job Application

Job Description
The Department of Public Worms (DPW) Worm Wranglers run UCSB’s on-site composting programs. Worm Wranglers collect and process food waste from UCSB Dining Commons through vermicompost bins and hot compost stalls, maintain the compost program at the Family Student Housing complexes, manage an educational garden and participate in outreach activities and events to promote DPW’s work and mission. As a member of the Edible Campus Program, DPW students care for the citrus trees in the Urban Orchard program, vertical garden program, and take care of the student run farm.
DPW students were also crucial partners in establishing UCSB’s off-site compost program that diverts tons of waste from the landfill each year and they continue to collaborate with other campus departments to food waste and increase composting at UCSB.
  • Maintain and expand vermicompost program by feeding and caring for worm populations; balancing bin moisture, temperature, and other factors
  • Collect and sort compost material from the dining commons
  • Manage the Family Student Housing compost program by sorting, shoveling, and turning compost piles, adding grass clippings and other material as needed to maintain balance
  • Develop and maintain raised bed gardens at the Edible Campus Student Farm
  • Take care of the citrus trees in the Edible Campus Urban Orchard program by watering, fertilizing and harvesting fruit to donate to the AS Food Bank
  • Managing the Edible Campus Vertical Gardens and seedlings
  • Assist with outreach activities such as workshops, tabling, and preparing event materials
  • Harvest, collect, brew and package worm tea for distribution
  • Drive electric vehicle and recumbent bicycles on routes and to events
  • Other duties as assigned
  • Must have a strong interest in composting, gardening and environmental issues
  • Must be able to research and implement new composting, planting and farming techniques
  • Must be detail-oriented and able to maintain accurate recordkeeping
  • Must be able to work in a team and coordinate schedules with multiple people
  • Must be extremely reliable and organized and able to work independently
  • Must be willing to get dirty
  • Must be able to lift 50 pounds
  • Must possess a valid driver’s license
AS DPW accepts work study and non-work study applications.