Kitchen Cultivation: Gardening Indoors

Come join us Saturday Feb. 18 for a two-part workshop about Gardening Indoors at the West Campus Family Student Housing Community Garden.


Part 1: Regrowing in Recyclables

Learn how you can start gardening today with things you already are throwing away. We will explore how to sprout dry beans and grains to improve your nutrition, as well as how to maintain micro-greens. This portion of the workshop is perfect for beginners and all methods cost less than $20.

Part 2: Automated Hydroponics

In conjunction with the Edible Campus Program unveiling our Aeroponic Tower Gardens, our team will teach you how to assemble your very own Window Farm. This system is designed with an air-lift or bubble-lift system, which involves a small air pump with an additional tube in the reservoir to create a drip-style system at the top of the tower. This system is designed to cost only $60 – perfect to split with a few roommates and grow all your greens at home!


In the event of rain, we will relocate to the West Campus Community Center.

See you there!


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