Edible Campus Program

We are also involved in the operations of the Edible Campus Program, a collaborative effort between the A.S. Food Bank and UCSB Sustainability that aims to reform underutilized spaces on campus into productive gardens that will supplement the student Food Bank with fresh, organic, fruits & vegetables.

We tend to the citrus trees located in Storke Plaza just below Storke Tower. The first two Washington Navel Orange trees were donated by the Johnson Ohana Charitable Foundation in Summer 2015 and five more Tango Mandarin trees were added in August 2016.

We also manage vertical gardens located behind the Recreation Center which produce a variety of produce including radishes, green onions, peppers, and tomatoes.

The Edible Campus Program Student Farm is our most recent project, and our Compost & Garden Specialists are the farmers: planting, watering, and harvesting all the food produced to be donated to the A.S. Food Bank. Our Dept. is proud to be able to expand our gardening endeavors to share the fruits of our labor with our fellow peers.